[Релиз 2.x] XenForo 2.0.5 Release Nulled


15 Мар 2017
Allow oEmbed loaded embeds to be aligned left, right, or center of the content.
Small phrase adjustments.
Update LiveLeak site matching and URLs.
Fix incorrect macro call in the test Yahoo template.
Change default styling of custom fields to be not spaced.
The Twitter validator can now accept a URL which will be coerced to just the screen name part.
Change Facebook validator to allow hyphens which may appear in some group URLs.
Ensure the InlineMod controller gets all possible actions, including those added by code event.
Workaround a Zend Feed Writer bug relating to strings which are detected as being "empty".
Do not support length values for column types that are incompatible with length in the schema manager.
Number of accessibility improvements.
Use the correct javascript code block.
Prevent an error if the Permission Builder handles some invalid data.
Move the purchaser to the purchaser.
Force Stripe API to use a specific API version.
Match underscores as valid in SoundCloud URLs.
Ensure we cast certain fields to be SIGNED when updating the database to ensure that there are no errors
in the property. is assigned to.
Ensure "Rich" BB code blocks are processed.
Prevent errors in case the 'LatestComments' getter was not set in the ProfilePost entity.
Display a friendlier error with a non-unique content_type / field_name combination when setting up a new content type.
Ensure the previously added parse_less_color function works correctly even if the output is minified.
When editing user upgrades, ensure that cost_amount field works better with larger numbers.
Do not attempt to expire permanent reply bans.
When tweets are displayed using the BB code media site, use a more cross-platform friendly URL.
Fixes and improvements to the JS field-adder system.
Reduce the number of queries when viewing a conversation.
"New threads" widget now links to the base "What's new" page rather than "New posts".
Money refunding of the Stripe. Note: If you have any add-ons, you should check with your add-on.
Add some code to workaround a bug in iOS / Safari which makes AJAX requests fall over when the form data includes an empty file input.
When canonicalizing a URL that contains a hash fragment, ensure any additional params are inserted in the correct position (before the hash).
When importing development output, do not attempt to input invalid files.

When attempting to move posts, display an error to the user if the move is not possible.
Handle PayPal IPNs from legacy payments.
Force a min-width on number of inputs on narrower displays.
Allow JS to set secure cookies if applicable.
Enable more than two stats graphs to appear on the Admin index page, with a maximum of 2 per row.
Display a more clear error message when browsing with a browser that blocks cookies.
New Templater empty () function which mimics the native PHP empty () function.
Allow user alerts to depend on specific add-ons.
Improve matching of Imgur gallery / album and imgur image hosting for sub-reddits.
Ensure thread prefixes are usable by the moderator when applying prefixes in inline moderation.
Save avatars at a slightly higher quality.
Movement editing code to a service.
Being stuck are members when stats are cached.
Display control to show content by hidden users in the watched threads.
Improve error messages when validating.
Write out empty add-on data XML files if a data type contains no entries.
Ensure alerts are sent out for all posts, but only send.
Remove links from certain moderator log entry text.
Improve compatibility with the keyboard shortcuts when running multiple CodeMirror instances on a single page.
Ensure the "all" action is passed to the EmailStop system if there are no specific actions.
If "Run dedicated staff query" is selected for the members online widget, always run that query to ensure no staff members are missed off if they end up being filtered out due to low limits.
Remove forum "find_new" restriction from the New threads widget.


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